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» Last week I started to look at other submission programs including Submit Wolf, Add Ace, Traffic Master, Web Position Gold and Add Web Pro and to be honest I much preferred Dynamic Submission! Its less cluttered, easier to understand from the ground up without a manual an most of all the price was right! It was not too expensive compared to other enterprise editions, and for me who is just starting out in this field of web design and submissions this was an important factor.

Paul Haynes

» Your software is great. I have tried various submission software that claim to be a lot more than they really are. Yours does the best job, and the price beats most of them out there. It is easy to use and does the job without all of the headaches and hassles.

Betty L. Hamann
Windtalkers Siberians

» Here is the type of product support that we can usually only dream of. Absolutely exceptional !!. As we all know, contact with product support generally consists of unanswered eMails and interminable periods spent hanging on the phone listening to elevator music as stress levels go through the roof.
Want to see how it should be done ? The guys at Apex Pacific have it down pat. eMails are answered within 24 hours without exception and if the problem needs personal contact, they are on the phone to guide you through to a successful conclusion. They won't quit until you are happy.
Well done guys, you are a credit to the industry, keep up the great work.

Michael Harper
Terrigal NSW Australia

» I have compared your software options against web position gold and submit wolf and think you have the best value.
Matthew J. Gwinner

» Hello, the new version is gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much!

» Submission 2000 Enterprise and tech support has never let me down. They are always there to answer my questions with fast and dependable speed.

Gary Hamm

» I have compared your software options against web position gold and submit wolf and think you have the best value.

Matthew J. Gwinner

» I am a trial user of your software, Submission 2000. I am very impressed with this software. As a web designer I have looked at numerous options for web site promotion and this is by far the simplest to use and appears to do more for the web site's ranking.

Rebecca Shaw

» Want to let you know how VERY pleased I have been over the years with your product. I have now been using Submission in my business for several years and have seen some completely remarkable results. We started out as a small 3-person office with an idea, a mission, and a website. New to the website arena, but well aware of what it could do for us internationally, we broke down and spent the $99 fee to download your software (which then, to us, was a small fortune). We have used your product religiously to register our site on a regular basis to all the search engines and sites that are available by using your software.

Our site is currently viewed by over 50,000 visitors a month! We average between 5-10 leads for rentals and sales per day and approximately 10% of all those leads turn into sales -- some of whom have bought directly over the internet! We are also consistently named as one of the top three companies in our field. While I cannot say for certain that all these sales were a direct result of your software, I can assure you that the exposure we are receiving is absolutely a direct result of the capabilities that you have built into your product.

I must confess that you are my secret weapon and I don't want others locally to find out about you. (smile) But internationally, I do wish you tremendous success as you certainly have earned it in my book.

A good business consists of teamwork and you are clearly a member of ours! Thank you all.

Wayne Franklin
Tropicasa Realty

» I have used this software and I am very pleased. I also have a couple other programs like webposition gold and I have found that the software is much easier to use and I am getting better responses and I have not even purchased the upgrade yet but plan to do so soon. Keep up the good work you have an awesome program.

Thanks, Brian.

» I use your Submission 2000 Enterprise,and I have achived top ranking in my state for karaoke (that's what my site is about) It seems to be workinggreat . . .


» A few months ago I got Submission 2000 from the .Net CD and have had it on my computer ever since. Since I started using the programme I have never had such good response in the search engines.
Your product is amazing and it REALLY WORKS!
I think you guys are fantastic and I wanted to say thanks.


» I did the trial and thought it was much better than web position!

Frank Depalma
frank@ palmatec.com

» Submission is brilliant. I've tried Submit Wolf but it's very basic compared with Submission Wizard. I've tried Web Position Gold several times but I think it's a very inferior programme and very untuitive to use. Submission has made me re-optimise all my websites ...because it's fun but mostly because they were poorly setup. I didn't realise how far off the mark my optimisation had been.

Rob Middenway (Livelink)

» I think that this software is the most wonderful piece of engineering that I have come across. I have tried other high profile submission software, which were very useful in their own right, but none could even compare to DS 2000. It's way out on its own as far as fine-tuning pages, organising keywords and preparing meta tags are concerned, not to mention its awesome power when it comes to submitting your tip-top pages.

Tom Walsh
Waterfront House Country Home

» Thankyou for creating such an easy to use program that has enabled me to get a top 20 ranking within 3 months of using it! Now I'm averaging about 5000 extra visitors per week.

Daniel Fanin

» I really like the way your software works, I've been using Web Position Gold, but yours seems easier to use.

Thank you,
Glenn Carr
gcarr @net-impressions.com
Net Impressions

» Great so far....much much better than SubmitWolf. So clear, so helpful.

Pat Ahmedov

» It's rare to find good customer service these days, but your company excels in this area! I was very impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by your company. David was a great help! I needed some additional time to review the trial copy due to a death in my family, and he was very kind to lend it to me. Many thanks David! I love Submission 2000 and think it will be a valuable asset for my company.

Bill Perrow
Quality Web Designers, LLC. & The QWD Network

» Thank you so much!!!! Also I run a Product Placement Company, your software has made a big difference in the traffic We get on our web site. It has made listing sites as easy as it gets.. our site is www.featurethis.com not much of a site ( no bells and whistles) but it works


» I have a SoftSpider which I bought on 1997 but the software vendor, PBD Technology closed web site since last year.

Also I have WebPosition, which has a critical bug and is unable to recognize registration code in 2-byte OS, similar to your case for your Meta Tag Editor. The vendor of WebPosition could not solve the problem for 2 years, while, your solve the similar trouble within few days. I purchase all necessary softwares for our business but wish to get only quality programs from reliable S/W makers. I really appreciate your efforts to solve this problem.

Thanks and Regards
T. S. Jeung

» I think that this software is the most wonderful piece of engineering that I have come across. I have tried other high profile submission software, which were very useful in their own right, but none could even compare to DS 2000. It's way out on its own as far as fine-tuning pages, organising keywords and preparing meta tags are concerned, not to mention its awesome power when it comes to submitting your tip-top pages.

All I can say is - Thank You!

Tom Walsh
Waterfront House Country Home
waterfront @indigo.ie

» Brilliant! The best website submission tool out there! No web-based submission tool can better Submission 2000, it's second to none!

Shaun O'Flaherty
Kendal Hardcore Wrestling

» "I just wanted to write you and tell you how very pleased I am with Submission 2000. It has proven to be extremely reliable and continues to operate flawlessly day after day. It has become an invaluable tool that I utilize daily. I have told all my professional friends about how indispensable it is for anyone that has Websites to promote.

Thank you,

Jeff Wenger(jeff@xd.com)

» I have tried several other submission programs, i find that after using the free downloads for several months, that your ARE THE BEST! thanks 

Abbey Beagelette

» "I just love your software "Submission 2000", it is certainly the first best Internet marketing product in the world.

"Submission 2000" is easy to understand and use, and helps you get the most results out of the web. I also like that you included only the greatest search engines and directories in the world.

In one sentence, "Submission 2000" is the first of the best.

Best regards

» Excellent Submission Program, Tried others but your software beats them all. Leaves the competition behind. Thanks for a great program.


» I've been waiting for a week or so for version 5 of DS2000 to be released, and now that it is. I am so impressed with the powerful features and speed of DS2000 and it is the BEST web promotion software I have ever seen. Thanks again for your Excellent software!

Craig S. Napier

» I am very pleased with Submission 2000 I sent the last message not five minutes before the first arrived. Again its a wonderful product and seems to be working great. Thank You!


» Version 6 is Excellent! Congratulations and all the best

Sweet Memories

» I must tell you that when I began the current project I spent a week evaluating web submission programs. Why would I spend so much time? Because I have been a computer consultant since 1983 and long experience has taught me that the right program makes all the difference in the world in getting the job done. After evaluating seven different programs --Submission 2000 is at the top of the list for it's speed, reliability, and ease of use. Some of your competitors programs work so very poorly that if they gave them away I would not waste my time with them and even less my money.

Louis B
System Consultants
October 5, 1998

» I would like to thank you all at Submission 2000 for a great product, and excellent personal service. I had some problems getting the new engines loaded, so I emailed your tech support. That next day was a helpful letter from David, which helped me load the engines. Because of your help I purchased your product and am now looking into more of your software. Once again, Thanks

Bryan Adams

» Somebody should tell the boss about the wonderful patiences and speedy service your company has. I'm going to sign up for Submission 2000 reseller program because of your perseverance, quick response, and of course your product.


Nancy Hollington

» I read an article about AddWeb and when I was doing some comparisons, I found your product appears to be more flexible and your website is much more informative regarding the product as well as general information for the novice web builder. I also noted that your product comes up at the top of the list no matter how the search is performed. When that happened it gave me a great deal of confidence about purchasing your product.

Brenda Ochodnicky

» Thank you so much for all the help & support you provided over the last 2 weeks. I'm very impressed with you company - Microsoft could definitely learn a thing, or two from you guys about how to treat a customer. I have selected your software after a week worth of research & comparison of all similar programs available on the market. I'm very happy that my choice proved to be right, you are the best. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone interested in website promotion. I wanted to write something that you possibly could use, as a "Clients' comment" on your site & you are welcome to use my name as a reference if you'd like. I'm definitely very impressed.

Thank you

elena @russianbride.com

» Thanks for the support, because of your support I have achieved twice #1 position.

Thank you,
Michael & Elly Konan

» My website is listed #1 ,out of 45,000 other sites on all majour engines....thanks to your program......good stuff.....


» Using your software I have become the Largest online bed retailer in the UK. I now have 15 web sites and growing with a multi million pound turn over.

Regards nigel@bedworld.net
Nigel Cairns

» It's wonderful I love it!! One of the best applications I have ever used. I look forward to upgrading and getting lots of great news from you.

Francesca Judd
Director of www.whitestar.co.nz

» Hi, Thank you. I have been using the submission 2000 for over a year I liked it, so I also bought the upgrade to 7.0 now with the web ranking it rounds of the package they are very easy to use not only do they help me to organize the submissions I can keep good track of how it is ranking so I have a better idea on what to change to improve things


Arne G Olsen

» I have just purchased your program. I am brand new to web sites and I have purchased from other companies to help me out. Your system is 10 times better than any other!! The programs you have installed are great even for the beginner and you actually followed up with e-mails and offered help. Thanks you. With your programs help I actually believe I have set my site up properly.

Thank you again.

Jim Antonovich

» It's great thanks - just so busy at present and trying to get time to load all sites to it and automate the resubmisisons - excellent package, thank you .


» Hi, just wanted to let you know that the software is working great for me. My traffic is slowly increasing (Due to FFA). I know it'll take awhile before the submission to the bigger search engines become a reality. I know google itself has a 2-4 week waiting on their spoolers, then at least another 3-4 weeks before something is searchable. I've got my calendar set for monthly submissions to the search engines, and I am sending submissions to FFA (just for exposure) every two day. Thanks for producing such great software and following up on it. I've joined your affiliate program, so once my sight gets more hits, hoping it will in turn bring new clients to you. I'm highly recommending your product.
Debra Morris

Mail Communicator

» After examining a variety of bulk email packages from the free to the ridiculously expensive we decided upon Mail Communicator. This descision was reached after various bulk transmission trials and we concluded that Mail Communicator was a product that not only provided a unique personalisation system, but also provided a superb level of price to performance. Not only is the product very good but the quality of service that we got from the technical support team was second to none.
Mail Communicator is genuinely very good and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jay Savoor - Director

» We have used your software to communicate to our congregation. It has been an invaluable tool.
Dorothy Brown Wagner


» Thank you so much for all of your help. It worked! You have been absolutely fabulous at helping me get this software going. I cannot say enough as to how much I appreciate your promptness and helpfulness with answering all of my questions! If only all tech support for online assistance would follow your suit... Thanks Again!


» David, You have been extremely helpful and regardless of whether we can use your product, I will recommend it to anyone and everyone due to your desire to solve our problem. I deal with tech support people all the time, and most of the time I know more than they do and end up fixing the problem with their software myself. The challenge is on our end but you are still trying to help.
It's refreshing to actually find someone who, first of all has a clue and second, offers possible solutions.


» What a great company you must be to have such prompt and patient customer support. I am definitely recommending you to all my friends and customers out there.

Thanks again

» I will keep you posted of any further developments. I am very pleased with the product and the support has been excellent. I have a link and large logo to your product on the Software Page of my site. Hope it brings you some business.

Thank you from Prescott,Arizona (130 miles south of the Grand Canyon)

Charles T Johnston - AB7SL

» The software is amazing by the way. It easy to use and very carefully constructed. I'm glad I invested in it.

Jay Hunt,
Hunt Creative Inc.

» I am very happy with the program. The flexibility your program offers makes it a very good investment and addition to the suite of tools that I use. I look forward to a long working relationship with your Company.
Congratulations and thank you.

Diane Russell
ASIT - Advanced Strategies for Information Technology
e-mail: diane@gethits4u.com

» I couldn't be happier with your company or all of the software I have purchased from you.......

I am 50 years old and at one time (before I became Bipolar) and was considered by some to be a marketing wizard. My God how the times have changed since then. After non Internet marketing for thirty years, I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard Of OZ when she stepped out the door after her house crashed and everything changed to vibrant colors. I am now only marketing for myself and there is sure plenty to learn. I am grateful that you people at apexpacific are around. I believe in your company and your software and will only purchase this type of software from you folks. I trust you people, and the fact that you work as hard as you do to continue developing what I consider the finest software around makes me feel secure in the knowledge that I will be able to make a living without the help of Social Security Disability.
Sorry that this was so long.


Scott Walker

» Thanks for your help. The great technical support that I received certainly was big factor in my decision to purchase Mail Communicator.


David Barton

PPC Bidmax

» I just want to let you know that the time that your products has saved my company is equivalent to saving us thousands of dollars. All three Apex products I use have been great!

Eric Koger

» Dear Apex Pacific

As you know we spend almost $100,000 per month on Pay Per Click (PPC)engines. Managing Yahoo plus 7 other PPC engines with the 100+ keywords was a very time consuming and tedious task until we purchased Bid Optimizer for Yahoo and Bid Optimizer. These products perform unbelievably well saving me numerous hours per week. More time is always good but the fact that I am also spending less money on advertising and generating higher sales on the money I spend, is a major bonus.

One feature I am particularly fond of is the competition killer mode. It is an excellent feature that I use on all of my major keywords. One use is to help weed out those bidders that bid "irresponsibly" and drive up the overall cost of advertising for everyone.

Using this mode keeps me in my slotted position while maxing out my competitions funds quickly, unless they begin to manage more responsibly. Your support is excellent and the timely updates to keep up with the engines has been great.

The fact that you tell me about upcoming outages with the PPC engines before the engines themselves, shows your dedication to servicing the customer. This is indeed rare in today's software world. Once again thanks for all of your hard work and we continue to look forward for new enhancements in the future.

Mark Internet Marketing Manager
$100m On/Off-line Direct Retailer
(For competitive reason, the customer do not want to disclose their company name and web site)

» Love you guys so far, your are nice to me even when I ask dumb stuff. I have spent about 3000 so far the last 12 months, and will keep it up. would like you to add more PPC engines though...

Brian Podolak
Medical Web Services

» If have been looking into the program for the last few days and I REALLY like it a lot. The idea & functioning is fantastic. I have been doing pay per click for our company for the last 2 years and I really missed a program like this. I had Tangare's but this one did not have all the features you have. We just have to make it fully work.



» Thank you very much. I will keep you in mind and recommend you to others in four weeks or so. I was just at a luncheon last Tuesday where Yahoo invited 75 of there top advertisers to meet each other. I gathered several business cards of some of the website owners. I will mention to them that your company treated me well.
Jeff Bradshaw

» PPC Bidmax is great program. It is flexibel and user friendly ....Great work keep it up


» Never seen such an incredible piece of software it took off all the hassle and time consuming bid optimization process thanks to Keword Bid Maximization software.


» Just to say I started using your PPC Bidmax tool and I'm impressed. It does some nice things.


» In this day and age, it is unfortunately a rare occurence to receive this type of courtesy, and I'm quite impressed!
I'm enjoying PPC Bidmax and have found it to be a great tool for managing my Yahoo keywords. I have already interacted with technical support on two occasions and have found them to be very responsive. I passed along one suggested enhancement to them in my correspondence, which I will give to you as well; namely, it would be extremely helpful to be able to separate keywords into categories, much as Yahoo's DTC does. This enhancement would make the management of hundreds of keywords that much easier inside KBM.

Mike Lieber, President
AEGIS Financial Solutions, Inc.

Web Ranking

» Well I have tried 3 other programs like yours and yours seem to be better. 

Marjorie Keur

» Thanks for the speedy reply and again for the helpful program. That's why I keep recommending your software to others.


Stu Snyder
On Tap Software

» Your reply to my most recent email cleared up a lot. Thank you. The software does look wonderful-very easy to use, very efficient, and wow-gives a lot of wonderful opportunity to the user in terms of increasing effectiveness in marketing.

As a manager and businessman for many years, I must say that a responsive support/customer service team is one of the things that sets a company apart from the rest. Personally, I will not do business with a company that does not return emails, or who I have to constantly bug and follow up on just to get an answer to a simple question. You and your company obviously adhere to the same high standards that I do.

And thanks again.
SP Khalsa

Link Promoter

» Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like a drug addict with out a fix!!! I have really gotten hooked on this program in the last 30 days, I cannot imagine life without it. It saves me sooooo very much time & $$$. Thanks so much.


» I have been so impressed with your software and didn't want to change to a different company.

DW Design http://www.timberframedesign.net

» Very good piece of software to increase link popularity. This is what I was looking for. Great Tool ..Keep up the good work

Jonh Mark

» I have started using your program and now I have improved my ranking in most of the engine specially in Google because of the reciprocal link exchange and increasing link popularity. It has helped me a lot to increase traffic on my website. Thanks very much for your help

Tary sten

» Eureka! It worked perfectly. Many thanks for your persistence with this. I am very glad you got it working because it's such a good bit of software and will make a big difference to our business.

All the best

» I must say that your Company's service levels are outstanding. It isn't too often that a company, especially on the internet, is so attentive to their customer's needs. I am happy to conduct business with your company and staff.

Robin Lyson,
Owner of MortgageYellowPages.com.
Thank you again.

» THANKS a million. You get 100% for your outstanding program which I will be ordering tomorrow and 100% for your outstanding service.

I really appreciate your help.

Yours sincerely
Neville Mandy

» Much, Much Better.
I have not experienced any problems with this new version.
The overall program is a BIG Improvement.

Thank you,
Website Advertising, Ltd.

» It worked! I am so sorry for all this trouble, and I really appreciate
all of your help. I just knew the problem would be on my end... It's nice to
deal with a company that takes the time to help me out. Thanks again!


» You guys have better service & support than any other USA company I have dealt with. Honestly, at first I was a little concerned about doing business with an Australian company so far away... But you all have proved to be outstanding!

My best regards,

Alex Smuglovsky
Yeshiva Israel, Inc.


» Thank you for your prompt and succint response. That is quite an exception these days so please accept this as a huge compliment to the professionalism of your organization. Thanks to you, I'm back up and running already.

Jody Hornor
www.ECStock.com - Stock Photography
www.FineArtCenter.TV - Fine Art
www.19thCentury.US - Historic Images

» So far so good. I've had an easy time figuring out the software. Well done!
Steve Valenti